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Yasukuni Shrine for the first time.

There was no consciousness in particular, but since I had never been to the Yasukuni Shrine properly until now, and I tried to visit a little.
Is overwhelmed by the magnitude of the torii, without any major features in particular Otherwise, the impression that the shrine of the ordinary. It also is said that spirits of the Spirit and includes a lot of sleeping in this shrine, and without necessarily feel anything in particular, office workers to go and worship in passing and work many tourists wonder students of Hosei University in nearby young couple and are relaxing in the shade of a tree, it’s the same as the landscape of the shrine located anywhere.
However, there is a big difference. This shrine is relatively new because he founded is 1869. When it comes to Taisha somehow or Hikawa Shrine, sometimes dating back to the era Amaterasu, founded more than 1,000 years ago are often from 500 years. And the same thing could be in the Meiji Restoration, it is possible that the shrine of modern, so a shrine close to the “people” rather than “God” is of are enshrined, there is a feature of most of the Yasukuni there.
So have a closer look well, it was the concept of the Emperor in the first place “God” has not been enshrined in this shrine is called ‘enshrines the spirits of the people and devoted Ichimei for your country. Emperor Meiji as was named “Yasushinjiru the country”, it was the beginning of it is that the Spirit will Matsuro of people who fell victim to the stupid war. During national crisis Boshin, the Satsuma Rebellion, Sino-Japanese War, the Russo-Japanese War, Manchuria Incident, China Incident, such as the Pacific War (World War II) after the Meiji Restoration, the Ichinen of “Yasukare” country earnestly “without another meritorious and status, of men and women, the original, the Holy Spirit of the people of 2,460,006 more than 1,000 poster devoted their precious life in order to protect the country, Hitoshi as (Okami Yasukuni) precious Holy Spirit that has been Junji to homeland all it has been deified verses. I be with. ”


Was impressive in person than it is, Japanese garden located so as to hide behind the main shrine. There is a spacious garden so in the middle of the city center and should be grateful for the birds. Moreover, there is also a large pond, large Koi is the usual swimming calmly. Beautiful autumn leaves also likely to be seen in the fall. At the same there are two tea rooms, it seems to have been used in the tea party thousand house every week. Is up to the sumo arena for some reason.
At the same, 遊就 Museum. There seems to be such as the exhibition of wartime goods, but, it must be admission on the second floor. But there is a real Zero fighter on the first floor. I was surprised in this. It is a relic of World War II itself, too, but it would seem to wind Zero fighter that cool the boy after all. Wing and fuselage, 1974 (1974), found in the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Station of Nanyang Rabaul, this “Zero Fighter The Mitsubishi A6M Zero of five aircraft to 1984 (1984) Micronesia, was discovered in Yap Island because there. you brought back to Japan, restoration began from 1980 (1980) around, “said (Mitsubishi Unit 4240-1), it’s real. But, not “unexpected Standing Wind” movie rather than a weapon of war in our generation, but there is an impression close to longing somewhere. Time of 60 years or more might have let me do it too.



In other words, rather than a shrine that was dedicated to the gods, there is a feature of most in that it is a shrine to the Holy Spirit has been apotheosis, why Yasukuni Shrine to worship other countries, the perpetrator who carried out the war of aggression from neighboring Asian countries, particularly I hear that what. I did not know that I knew that you are dedicated to the Holy Spirit had died in the battlefield, but that does not worships the gods. By came to spend without knowing while in Tokyo for many years, which is also embarrassing afresh.

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear the story of leek’s shrine of Toka there with the history of 2000. I was saying income is getting less also shrine, management is quite tough just history recently. I think there is a shrine of the area of ​​only this prime location in the heart of the city, maintenance and operation costs also something substantial, but only your offertory are mere may of course. I think such comrades meetings there all over the country instead of the parishioner might Underpinning in such donations, but’s quite difficult just volunteers and donations, but perhaps there is something mechanism even in this neighborhood .

Anyway It was hot today. Weekday afternoon little figure, Yasukuni Shrine Japanese garden of that’s also recommended surprisingly was discovered. Zero fighter was also good.


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